The Ambition Interviews is LIVE on The Atlantic!


The Ambition Interviews began as a project between my college roommate, Hana Schank, and I, who attended Northwestern University in the early ’90s. What had happened, we wondered, to all of our brilliant, hard-working friends from our college days? Had life come together as they had hoped? We reached out to 37 other members of our sorority’s graduating class, and those conversations became the foundation of the essays published Monday in The Atlantic. Yipppppeeee!

Champagne TK.


My First Contribs Appearance, Y’all

Excited to be on the contributors page of the Domino winter issue—have been doing  a lot of fun work for the interiors magazine. Check out my winter features on designer Abby Clawson Low’s incredible Mexico City home, entertaining tips from food and drinkologists I adore, using stripes in awesomely bold new ways, and leather (enough said).


Welcome! Want to make marshmallows or cheese?

I’m Elizabeth Wallace, a writer and editor with 15 years’ experience in magazine publishing and content creation. I’ve worked for media brands including Vogue, Nylon, InStyle, Refinery29, HuffingtonPost, Redbook, and Travel & Leisure, and have created custom content for brands like Bloomingdale’s, Conrad Hotels, Estée Lauder, Compass real estate.

Currently I split my time between a multimedia research project with a college colleague; managing a harried wife, two adorably maddening children, and volunteering for our public school; sweating it out at the Dodge Y; cooking passable meals from farm-fresh food; and watching America’s favorite television shows approximately three years after they’ve exited the zeitgeist.