Feeling the FB feels…

Thank you to all of my Facebook friends and friends of friends who have been reading The Ambition Interviews on The Atlantic since Monday, and sharing it on your own pages, and for your and your friends’/communities’ supportive comments. The essays have been trending on The Atlantic’s home page! It is thrilling to finally see this project reach the public, after two+ years of work. xoxoxo


2 thoughts on “Feeling the FB feels…

  1. Dear Ms Wallace-
    I just recently read The Ambition Interviews and shared it with a lot of my female friends. We are in our mid to late 20’s and the essays couldn’t have come at a better time! Thank you very much! I was wondering if you and Ms Schank plan on publishing a book based on The Ambition Interviews?
    Once again, thank you for the articles!!!



    • Thank you, Stephanie, for the support and kind words. We are thrilled the work resonated with you and that you’ve shared it. We are trying to get support for a book/further research on this project, and seeking new interviewees as well. Please stay tuned, and thank you again. Happy holidays!

      Liz Wallace


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